Too much of everything

Some of you have been asking me what I want for my birthday this year. Admittedly, I have been rather silent on this issue.
You see, I feel awkward telling people what I want. It’s also tricky because we’re moving out of the house before renovation starts, and I have quite a lot of packing to do. Mostly books.
People like to give me books. I also buy lots of books. I now have too many books. Thank goodness for bookmarks, because I’m still in the middle of reading many of them (Friedman, Koran, various baptism gifts, my new NKJV bible, de Bono, Lessig… and that’s just half of it). The curse of a Gemini 🙂
People also like to give me bags, which I seldom use. Bags that aunties might use. Bags that students might use. I’m happy with my leather briefcase, which I bring to work. I don’t have a dainty little bag for formal evenings, but I know I can always borrow something from mum.
CDs I already have plenty of. I usually ask the owner of That CD Shop at Tanglin Mall for advice. He knows my tastes, and last week he could still remember which CDs I’d already bought from him. And I get a discount, even on promotional titles.
Piano scores, however, are a completely different matter. I’m still waiting for sheet music for the Piano to be released. Also, I had my first jazz piano class yesterday and am now looking for the original Fake Book, a copy of which has been loaned to me by my jazz instructor. It is in tatters and the cover’s been torn off so I don’t know what its proper title is. I might just settle for photocopying some songs. I’m told it is extremely hard to find. Worse, there are many more Fake Books in the market now which aren’t as good as the original – which I’m told is used by jazz musicians all over the world.
But these are things I’d like to get for myself, because I like to look at scores before buying them. And there are many other things I’d like to have, but don’t really need. Know what I mean? I don’t feel justified in wanting for more things, because I have to pack up the clutter and carry it out of the house in boxes.
So, I’m back to square one. I really can’t think of anything in particular that I’m dying to have right now. How about World Peace?
[ Note: to Hedy especially – no bikinis, please. Regardless of whether they’re leopard-spotted, polka-dotted, striped, whatever. And no slinky lingerie or any more S&M outfits, because they’re taking up space in my closet and I have no idea what to tell my parents. ]