Finally, Friendster

All right. So I finally decided to sign up for a Friendster account, after continued pestering by certain friends. Then I found out there are a hundred and one other Vanessa Tans, some of whom also call themselves ‘vantan’. *shudder* I haven’t put up a photo, so please don’t mistake me for some hot vixen with long hair (think: opposite!).
Since then, I have accumulated over 200,000 friends in my personal network of 12 (and counting). I have been approached by old friends, mostly from university, who were also on Friendster. What made it more intriguing was the fact that I had lost touch, or maintained minimal contact, with them. Now I can find out their status (single/attached), what they were doing, and maybe a few more things I’d never have known about them. And of course, who THEIR friends are.
Wardrobe update: No additions so far. Found something quite delightful (and red) at British India today, decided against it as it wasn’t suitable office wear, and left the shop empty-handed (as with 99% of shops I visit). Come on, me, I have to boost the retail sector!


  1. a l

    er, the country road sale? (i can’t afford it :)) or sometimes you can get cheap and not too bad looking togs at shops in raffles place (OAMC springs to mind, they have a branch at city link).
    i opened a friendster account thanks to a friend, and todate, i have only one friend on my list, haha.

  2. QTip

    Oh no…you’ve succumbed. Me too, but not real name. Curious to see what it was all about. Too overwhelming for me.
    Let’s go shopping. Even if it’s just to browse. We’ll work through that long list of shops ๐Ÿ™‚ It’ll be fun. Oh, and don’t forget shoe shopping too!

  3. lowd

    ah…shopping. just what i need – retail therapy.
    welcome to the dodgy world of friendster. i had a couple of real dodgy ppl message me when i first joined…but it got better with time.
    hv fun! it’s real addictive. REAL addictive. ๐Ÿ˜€

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