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I’ve been getting cheeky messages not via the usual mediums (email, icq, sms, comments) but via my search engine. Dear Shawn, I know I haven’t written about you at all in my blog, so this post is dedicated to ya.
How have you been, and what have you been up to? Yours truly is still slogging as a web designer in a little-known company. The going isn’t easy but I’m in new media and I should be happy that I’m doing what I like, because money isn’t coming my way. I’m earning two-thirds the pay of the folks at A&G, and probably a third of the pay of a certain investment banker.
I don’t get sent for training even though I’m expected to do a lot of things, but I’m learning on my own. Today I shall be attempting to edit videos even though we don’t have proper software for it. I work sometimes with people who don’t know what they’re talking about but I have to pretend that they do.
That’s my life at the moment, lots of hullabaloo.