Act my age, they said…

Well, today’s the big day, and people are making observations about the date and my age being the same number this year, sob.
This afternoon, after lunch, I was supposed to have a surprise tea party. Of course, it is no longer a surprise. This year, people who have been planning secret gatherings for me have been somehow sending me the party plans by accident (friends and colleagues). I’m awfully touched – and highly amused. And very grateful that God has given me such good friends.
I have no idea what they’re planning to do during the party today, so at least that’s going to be interesting. More updates to come later – assuming I don’t have to clean any cream off my face, or anything of the sort.
When I arrived home after lunch, some people were already upstairs. I wasn’t allowed to see what was going on, so I went to my room. Van Heng and Desiree arrived to keep me company (and make sure I didn’t stray).
When I finally entered the living room, a feast was laid out on the table. Pastries and tarts and cheeses and sangria. Queenie made good sangria. We ate and ate and talked. The only three males in the party bonded almost straight away.
The Bristolian girls made themselves comfortable on the sofa. We have a term for it, called ‘nua’, where you laze about and talk. Sometimes we would ‘nua’ in each others’ rooms when we were students. It was good to see everyone again.
A big thanks to Queenie and Jiamin for organising this bash!


  1. Queenie

    You’re welcome! It was nice to have everyone together too and catch up over food and alcohol (like in uni again?) The jelly cake rocked…(post picture of it, pleeeaase? 😉

  2. Des

    Man, Queenie, the sangria u made was really GOOD. had to drag myself to the gym today to work some of it off!!!

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