To-do list

After two straight years of work, it is ironic that I have no idea what to do with a week of freedom. I’ve made a sort of list, seeing how reality will soon set in again.

Important stuff:

  1. Sort out wardrobe into formal, smart and casual wear (done)
  2. Run through suggestions from fashion-savvy friends and relatives on where to get smart new work clothes (doing)
  3. Run house errands (doing)
  4. Get the car serviced (can’t do #3 and #4 at the same time. hmm)
  5. Visit church office to handle website matters (can’t do #4 and #5 at the same time either. Hoo boy.)
  6. Get messy, Medusa-like hair fixed. Considering something close to rebonding.

Slightly less important stuff:

  1. Go for a massage.
  2. Go back to the gym.
  3. Start reading Lord of the Rings (doing)
  4. Upgrade antivirus software.

There. I should get cracking!


  1. Van Heng

    Hey dear, not sure if you should go that far…rebonding?! Ask Des and Joan to list ill effects. Maybe just try a sleek short cut/crop. Those can look very stylish. Especially with your wavy hair.

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