So, the battle has begun again. I have reason to believe that we have been followed onto the new premises.
Just an hour ago, I put on a Christian music CD. Everyone else was fast asleep in their rooms. My Sony CD player has lasted for twenty years and does not usually stop by itself. Tonight it has stopped at least three times, each time when I was not in the room. It was put to ‘repeat all’ mode every time. The CD is clean. Other non-Christian music CDs played perfectly fine before that.
Now some of you might laugh at me for being paranoid. Well, try getting spiritually attacked in your bed, a chill creeping up your legs, and hearing the door knob turn and a woman’s gasp from the nearby darkness and finding out it wasn’t your mother or sister, who were both fast asleep. That happened to me nearly a year ago.
Still think I’m paranoid? Try telling that to my maternal grandmother, who saw a tall dark shroud standing beside her as she slept on my bed, while I was still studying in Bristol, a few years ago.
What kept me going was that my prayers for help that night were answered, and I was filled with the warmth I’d attribute to the Holy Spirit, which pushed out the coldness. I once received warning signs – strange urges to check my rear view mirror, and loud roaring sounds in my head, before I nearly reversed into a hole in the ground that I could not see at night. And I remember how I avoided the accident just two days ago. Thus I know He is watching and protecting me.
So every night since last December, sleeping has been a challenge for me, a real test of faith. Not only am I distracted by the computer, I face certain obstacles when I sleep. Prayers, faith and music keep my sleep peaceful. Tonight I pray for the Lord to bind whatever is with us, that it may not disturb us in our slumber. Amen.


  1. Jean

    Have you asked a pastor to come and bless your new home? We usually do that in our church and it does help keep the evil one away. Another good practice is to pray the blood of Jesus Christ over your room and all the other rooms in the house (ok, it may be a bit tough if you live in a big landed property but it’s worth it) every night before you turn in.
    K has been oppressed before in the house that we live in now – before I came along – but his mother diligently did these things and now our house is ours and the Lord’s alone. I also make it a point to pray for protection every night before bed.
    Take care and be well. 🙂

  2. Van Heng

    Oh Van! I’m sorry to hear this happening again. You’ll be in my prayers. Stay strong and may you find some peace in your faith. I hope sleep comes easily soon.

  3. Queenie

    Hi dear,
    1. Jesus will save you. Jesus saves. (I once said that aloud in a horrible dream and the oppression stopped immediately and I woke up 🙂
    2. He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.
    3. End of the Bible says we won. So no fear.
    4. Will be praying for you too.
    5. God is faithful. You’ve counted the ways, and He’s always always there.

  4. Jason Wall

    Spiritual warefare is no fun. While my dad was pastoring several years ago, we dealt with a someone who had exstensive history in satanism. My parents would pray a hedge of angels around the house each night. The more fantastic part of the story is that person we dealt with could sometimes see the angels standing guard. Our God is so much bigger. 🙂

  5. vantan

    Thanks for all your comments.
    Yes, we had the old house blessed, but sensed that some elements still remained. This new place needs a blessing too.
    Jason – that was an amazing story. Our God is awesome! I am encouraged. God and His Angels are most welcome in our home!!!

  6. Joshua

    Stumbled across your site when browsing the MT update lists.
    I know what you mean by the roaring sounds in your head (or something that’s a lot like it,) so you’re definitely not alone in that.
    Will be praying for you. 🙂

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