A near accident

On my way home, I was on the leftmost lane of Zion Road, at the junction of the Blue Cow pub, waiting to turn left. Traffic was heavy and the cars in front of me were edging onward to the junction while the light was still green.
Suddenly, I heard a crunching of bumpers. The car directly in front of me, had run into the car in front of it. I was going at a snail’s pace myself and kept a following distance of about three feet, so I was able to brake in time along with the other cars behind me.
Since we were on the ONLY left-turn lane, and since the two cars involved in the accident were also the first in the queue, the rest of us were stuck waiting as the drivers got out, surveyed the damage, exchanged numbers…
Soon, the cars behind me (having more maneuvering space) edged their way into the next lane and bypassed the scene. I, unfortunately, could only watch the rest of the world go by, and slowly reverse myself away from the cars in front of me so that I too could change lane.
The drivers were still busy talking. Even pedestrians next to the pub had engaged in conversation and the pointing of fingers at various parts of the vehicles. More cars which arrived behind me, realised what had happened, and started to horn at them. The men scurried back to their cars and re-started the engines. By which time I had just eased myself out of the leftmost lane. Doh!
Anyway. I said a little prayer thanking God for keeping me safe, and went home feeling vindicated for all the times impatient drivers tried to cut into my lane or tailgate me, because the incident this evening proved that on the road, it is safety and not speed that matters, above all.


  1. stef

    you can only count on singapore drivers to be so impatient. i remember driving back home, most times it was pretty stressful. glad you’re alright.

  2. Karen

    Alwaes keep a safe distance (:
    And of course an alert mind 😛
    Same thing happened to me at Newton Circus on Sat, Luckily traffic was light and I managed to change lanes to move on quickly 😛

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