Hacked again

I learnt that over the past week, [my church website](http://www.stgeorges.org.sg/) was hacked with the image of a flaming monkey on the home page. That image was quickly removed.
This morning I was informed that our Joomla templates were messed with, and as a precaution we’ve taken the site down temporarily.
I’m not particularly upset that MY work was gone, because I believe it is just giving back to God what He has given to me. What I am sad about is that someone would decide to attack our site, and more than once.
We’re probably seen as target practice. We’re not a big, high-profile church. We’re not even the headquarters of our denomination. So the hacker obviously isn’t out to get major attention. I’m not even sure if it is the same hacker – maybe we’re just sitting ducks.
The hackings may happen more times but I pray that it won’t. This is a totally unnecessary act. I don’t know much about counter-hacking as I’m more a designer than developer, but I hope we can put up some safeguards to prevent this from happening again.