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I thought January was a busy month for me. Well, February has been even busier and shorter! Today, I made a ‘cameo appearance’ at a course on how to power search the internet.
The course attendees (from other Gahmen agencies) were asked to take a look at my blog. They were also asked to think of questions to ask me, if they could meet me. Then, ta-daah! I appeared at the doorway. At least they didn’t look at me strangely. Pretty nice people (pretty AND nice, haha!).
I mentioned a bit of theory, told some blog anecdotes and shared my personal experiences. I shared that my annoyance at Dell products was tempered by the fact that their PR team was actually responding to my blog posts. My overall statement was that if you want to blog, just be yourself. Don’t start a fake fan site like Wal-Mart did – the backlash will be great.
Also, blogging can be much more than just griping about things. I’ve gotten in touch with people all over the world just through my blog, and struck up some friendships along the way. My darling readers have also given me advice on wireless systems, hard disk backup solutions, the best place to buy Mac components… What more can I ask for?
Anyway, I did promise the class I would blog about it, and they could respond to me here. So here’s my blog post!
Update – Here’s a pic of me with the class and Deborah Abraham, the instructor:
Me with the class


  1. Belinda

    Hi Van, nice of you to blog about us! =p
    Thanks for the great tips, Deborah & the star appearance fm you, van! Of coz, my coursemates for the small talks & laugher!
    I dun blog coz I am often clueless on wat to write. But I do have a little sharing corner on my photos, videos & some other stuffs. Do add me if any of you are in multiply too.
    Ohh… abt the baby’s photos in ur blog. Is the baby yours? If yes, I will like to share with you this local parenting forum.
    P.S. Got to take a break after the long morning, well, too bad, we dun have wat they have in google headquarters. Haiz but fyi, they are opening a R&D centre in Singapore soon.

  2. vantan

    Dear Belinda, thanks for visiting my blog (again!) and posting a comment! It was very nice meeting all of you and I hope you continue blogging.
    Nope, I’m not a mum. That was a friend’s baby 🙂

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