Who visits vantan.org?

Apart from the usual suspects (Singapore and unnamed Networks), these are the countries hitting on my server so far this month, in descending order:
US Commercial (Old friends and relatives?)
Australia (Bailz and random people, I guess 🙂
United Kingdom (lots of friends still working there, lucky bastards)
US Educational (friends studying in the US. And the admissions staff at USC? 🙂
Japan (people who are looking for the VANTAN design school, no doubt)
Netherlands (people who like to go dutch)
Greece (no idea)
Estonia (really no idea)
Canada (ex-colleagues and a relative, perhaps)
Non-Profit Organization (no idea. UN? I wish.)
International (this is as vague as it gets)
France (a couple of acquaintances but I doubt they’d bother visiting)
Malaysia (friends?)
Sweden (no idea. like your meatballs btw)
Belgium (no idea. love your chocs)
Brazil (no clue. maybe I write about soccer too much)
Cyprus (a few good friends there)
Germany (I hope it isn’t one of our clients)
South Africa (no idea)
Austria (hmm)
Italy (maybe it’s because I rave about pasta)
Pakistan (no idea)
New Zealand (colleague? wandering hobbit?)
Seychelles (no idea. sey sells sey chelles on the sey schore.)
[ go to bed, dammit! ]