My vote for Best Designed Weblog goes to…

Now this guy deserves some mention (though he probably doesn’t need it, seeing how he’s linked on Zeldman AND is nominated for a Bloggie). Oh well. One out of two ain’t that bad for me.
The first thing that hit me when I saw his website was, wow! I had a white site before. But not as pixel-pretty as this one. And wow, he writes anti-spam scripts! And produces music! I have a home studio but haven’t even gotten off my arse to launch any MP3s yet! I’m worthless compared to this guy!
[Note: His website looks really good on my 20-inch iMac.]
[Note #2: One reason why I haven’t launched any music yet is because the studio’s under renovation and the grand piano and Korg keyboards and G5 PowerMac are all wrapped and sealed in plastic. Of course, the overriding reason is I’m lazy and haven’t bothered to register my songs yet.]


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