Savoring seafood

Remember that recent NY Times article on Singapore food? Well, one of our all-time favourite restaurants was featured in it, and we decided to rekindle our passion for crab bee hoon (vermicelli), kong kong (another kind of shellfish, like escargot except it’s white and chewy), scallops and kai lan (a green leafy vegetable). All with generous doses of chopped garlic. Mmm!
Let’s say the Times was right to rave about Sin Huat Seafood Restaurant. Makan Sutra, the definitive guide to Singapore food, gives it a rating of six out of six.
I used to dislike crab. And I still dislike bee hoon. But somehow, Danny the cook has a winning formula that overcomes my prejudices for a couple of hours. A few caveats: you have to accept the fact he only takes orders one table at a time. His assistants will only deliver and clear away the food. His prices are also expensive. Bring good company to pass the time. You could try ordering some wine (yes, they have a selection). And, forgive the spartan decor, circa 1970.
A frequent paradox at hawker centres and coffeeshops – the grimier the place, the tastier the food!


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