Steals and deals

I met a friend for lunch and then paid a visit to Carrefour, which is usually so crowded on weekends that I avoid shopping there. Dutiful daughter that I am, I proceeded to look for two items on my household shopping list:

  1. Oven cleaner
  2. Portobello mushrooms

In the spirit of Kristen’s recent post, I ended up buying two bottles of Johnson’s Baby Lotion with UV Protection (usual price $6.95; promotional price $1.95!), a tube of toothpaste, a loaf of super soft ‘kopi tiam’ (local speak for coffeeshop) bread, and a brand new copy of XML for Beginners, 2nd edition.

That was a real steal. The book’s cover price is US$39.99, but at Carrefour all titles were going for S$15 (US$8.64). While I was jubilant at the deal I was getting, it was a little sad seeing that books I own, such as

  1. Usable Web Menus
  2. Usable Forms for the Web
  3. New Masters of Flash
  4. Flash Math Creativity

…were all going at 15 bucks each, too. Oh well, you can’t win all the time.

I nearly picked up a copy of Advanced PHP for Flash, but decided that was a little too much. I think web services are the way to go, so I’ll focus on XML first.

A note of warning before you flock down to pick up some IT books yourself – know which edition you’re buying. There were first and second editions for the title I purchased, both going at the same price. The books are all stacked up and not arranged in any particular order.

Also, a similar sale is going on at the Computer Book Centre at Funan Centre, which is one of two favourite geek haunts in Singapore. Wrox titles there are also going for S$15, with other titles going for up to 50% off.


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