It’s late. I didn’t have a chance to blog yesterday because I had a rushed job to complete. I leave next week for Manila with my training whip (yes, yes, I’m going to Makati and I have insurance coverage) which means I have to get all my work for the next couple of weeks, done by this week.
I spent some time with my old friend Lisa this evening, installing software on her new laptop, get her wired up to the Internet, giving an introductory Flash tutorial in under half an hour. How I envy people who get to further their studies – especially in sunny California! We rushed off for dinner at Original Sin (yum!) with Andrea, who I discovered was an MT blogger herself! What a great surprise. And it was another old schoolmate who hosted her blog.
So it turns out, I’m not the only one ‘leasing’ out web space, domain names and installing blog software for her friends. Bah šŸ˜›
Tonight, before I concuss, I’ll work on Vanny’s new wedding photos. Vanny leaves today. I will miss her. But I am happy for her. I hope she will be happy too.
I also have to finish writing an article for a women’s organisation soon. Sometimes I think I volunteer myself out a little too much.