Today in brief

Today, most of our church service was conducted by children, which was very refreshing. The sermon, of course, was still given by our vicar. Babies look so adorable in baptism dresses.
While looking to purchase large quantities of packing material for our forthcoming house-moving session, I came across this local company that specialises in exactly that sort of thing.
Following which, we gorged ourselves silly at Hotel Rendezvous. This was the restaurant where Goh Chok Tong dined at recently, I was told. The place is more crowded now.
Over at the driving range: I cleared the 150 metre mark many times, which makes me happy. Target practice wasn’t too bad either – I landed the ball a foot or two away from the hole a few times. Frequent visits to the gym are probably helping.
Next, after visiting my uncle’s new house for dinner, I have been inspired to design my own interiors when the new house is ready. I should dig out my old 3D programs… it’s rendering time! Failing which, there is always the Sims’ neighbourhood.
‘Listening to my Costes albums now. Feeling all chilled n’ frosty. Yeah.