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Petition against Bush and Blair getting nominated for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize.
Marvel with me on how one of my web design heroes, Joshua Davis, ended up designing a web special for the same VW model as I: the Phaeton. He designed the US site while I designed the Asia-Pacific site. Naturally, his Flash actionscripting is much, much better than mine, so I stand ashamed 🙂
Check out this new search engine that The Register’s been raving about. They claim it’s going to be better than Google. Harumph, we’ll see. Right now their server is overloaded, which is a big no-no. Ooh, I’m not helping am I.
Help me decide if someone else’s weblog stylesheet looks uncannily like mine, or whether it is purely coincidence.


  1. vantan

    Search Google News. There are many articles on how this right-wing Norwegian MP has nominated the two stooges for the Peace Prize. Many articles were dated 8 May or thereabouts.
    For instance, see this Reuters report (right click, open in new window).
    Apparently they are too late for this year’s awards, so the nomination will be for the following year.

  2. Alvin

    Perhaps, it’s ripped work… looks the same.
    Hmm, another bothering issue… is anyone using IE6 (SP1) and have trouble viewing the site? It seems that when I scroll, some parts of the blog don’t display and I have to try to play with scrolling or hit refresh.

  3. deb

    it looks like yours alright. u designed it i suppose?
    you should post a comment at this person’s site and go ‘copycat!!!’. 🙂

  4. Serdar Kilic

    Thanks Vanessa. Phew.
    Alvin, I too have the same problem – I’m not sure what the cause is but it is only with IE6, sometimes the XML file is an easier read 🙂

  5. vantan

    I thought I sent you an email a long time ago about IE’s rendering problems, Serdar? 😉
    See guys… it’s all Microsoft’s fault. The more compliant browsers like Mozilla, Netscape 7 or Opera, don’t have that problem.
    This merits a longer article on browser bugs. Whatever the case: since so many people today use IE only, my next redesign will no longer use dots or dashes!

  6. Serdar Kilic

    Oops 🙂
    Oh yeah congrats to all the Singaporeans for being taken off the SARS affected areas list. Its not all over yet but gosh that would have been scary!

  7. Alvin

    Hehe… I guess I’m gonna give Opera Browser a shot since Microsoft states that it won’t release anymore standalone IE, which means, IE6SP1 is the last standalone release.

  8. vantan

    Serdar – Thanks. I’m glad we’re off the list, too!
    Alvin – Microsoft’s actions merit another diatribe from me (hmm, seems like I have lots of things to write about today). Good choice you’ve made, anyway (Opera).

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