Latest CD acquisitions

That CD Shop is having a small promotion on a few Gold edition CDs. So I picked up two Stacey Kent albums at only $15 and 16.
I also purchased that Tony Bennet and KD Lang album, Bjork’s Debut, and three Costes albums, which are also on promotion. $3 off each title from that excellent series by Stephane Pompougnac. Hooray!
I also picked up a new album mixed by him, for Saks Fifth Avenue.
And it’s time to get ready for my jazz piano lesson…


  1. vantan

    🙂 I’m trying to finish listening to everything by tonight! Can’t say I didn’t try to boost the Singapore economy.

  2. Van Heng

    I first heard about Stephane Pompougnac on my way to live in Italy in Fall 2000. I was on Air France and they had a fun in-flight magazine (I think I still have that issue) which introduced a bunch of chill-out albums. So when I got to Florence, I headed to a CD store and picked up Nu Cool (think it was called that), but failed to get the Stephane Pompougnac one the article mentioned.

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