Begone, evil spirits

Yesterday, as I sat at the dining table having lunch, I saw from the corner of my eye, my sister, in her black t-shirt, walking quickly up, going behind me and moving into the kitchen. I turned around to ask her what she was doing, but there was nobody in the kitchen or the adjoining laundry room. It was a dead end.
Puzzled, I walked towards the living room area, only to find that my sister and father had been watching TV for the last 10 minutes and hadn’t left their seats at all.
Maybe this sort of thing has happened to me long enough to not get shocked about it. I decided it was either a) really a spirit, or b) I was hallucinating. I said prayers, played worship music, and let the matter rest, because there was no use getting the family worked up about it.
Then this morning while at work, my sister messaged me saying she went back to bed, lay down with her head turned to the left, and heard whispering on the right side of her head: psspsspssppssspssspss. Sibilant. Her body stiffened. She called out to Lord Jesus Christ, and the spirit disappeared. Thank the Lord for His kind mercy and protection.
Still, I am seething at the moment. How dare they attack my sister?? And we’ve been in the new place for only a few months. Why are they only appearing now that she’s back? I think it’s time for another house blessing, and they must be gone! Amen!