Surprise, surprise

I had an early surprise birthday celebration last evening. I was at my usual place at Bible studies class: the keyboard, playing hymns and other songs. But something was definitely amiss.
People were whispering into each other’s ears. And when Amrit arrived and immediately wished me happy birthday in advance, it prompted a big SHH! from Esther, which made me instantly suspicious. However, I pretended not to notice, and continued playing. I didn’t want to spoil the fun, which they were obviously having. Heh.
At the end of my last song, I asked if they had any more requests. Someone called out, ‘How about Happy Birthday?’ and as I turned back to look at them, a birthday cake was on the study table! Courtesy of Sharon.
While I am thankful that God has given me such nice friends, I have only one gripe: they made me eat TWO pieces of chocolate cake. Thank goodness for gym.