Just checked my Mint stats and found a re-surge in referrals from due to his new Ma.gnolia bar*. A friendly ‘hey!’ to all newcomers. I just signed up with Ma.gnolia myself. It looks much neater than
[Update: Since there were no Ma.gnolia groups for ‘Singapore’, I’ve just created the Web Standards Singapore Group. Membership is open to all. ]
In other news, I will be singing at the Hilton Hotel Singapore for charity tonight. How this has happened is a long story, but the voting money goes to an old folks’ care centre that my company adopted. I’ll be having a simple lunch – no spices, no fried food. Then I’m going for some beauty treatment! 😉
* A pun that some Singaporeans may get – we had a famous Magnolia Snack Bar (our parents may have dated there!) that was restored briefly when Times the Bookshop was revamped at Centrepoint.


  1. Todd Sieling

    Welcome to Ma.gnolia, Vanessa. It’s great to see someone get the spirit of the groups and create their own right from the start. Enjoy yourself!

  2. Kevin

    I use religiously. I’ve yet to get into Ma.gnolia… though I do remember the pyramid-packet magnolia milk (no connection otherwise). 😛

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