Moulin Rouge revisited

Okay. I’m writing this because I’m a little amused/disturbed by what my parents had to say while they were watching Moulin Rouge for the first time ever, this evening.
Dad was explaining to mum, who had missed the first half of the show, what had happened so far. “When you look at it, actually the Duke meant well… he wanted to marry the girl and invest in the theatre. This poor boy wants to run away with her, but doesn’t even know where to go!”
* disapproving looks from both parents directed towards the television screen, which probably couldn’t care less *
“Apparently, these ‘Bohemians’ think that way, that love is everything,” said Dad, scientifically. More disapproving sounds.
I started getting rather worried at that point in time, but thanked God that nice Peranakan girls were no longer matchmade by their families.
They had something to say about the singing, too. Kidman was praised. McGregor, however, did not get off as lightly:
“I can also sing like that! Commme…whaat….mayyy…” my mother ventured.
All in all, it was quite funny, I guess. But I fear I’m going to stay single for a long time.