X-Men review

I finally watched X Men 2 with Hedy, being possibly the only people left in Singapore who hadn’t watched it yet. It was excellent!
If, however, you have not watched it yet, DO NOT PROCEED beyond this point.

Of course, I didn’t think Jean Grey died that way in the cartoon / comic series but it was in the right spirit – self sacrifice. Nightcrawler is charming and humble. His recitation of Psalm 23 was apt at the end, but I’m sure there’ll be a resurrection at hand. I thought Mystique was supposed to be his mother. At least, where I stopped reading comics, a few years ago.
Wolvie is just as dangerous as ever. But he’ll never find out who he really is, because that would mean that an important element of the X-Men plot would simply disappear. I’m waiting for his nemesis, Sabretooth, to be introduced. [ Whoops, absolutely forgot that Sabretooth did appear in the first movie. The last I saw of him (in my comic collection), he was somehow imprisoned by the X-Men and was much tamer because they did something to him. Then later on, he escaped (?). That was several years ago, gosh. ]
And I thought Wolvie had this thing for Japanese women. Lady Deathstrike wasn’t just a silent adversary in the comic book series, she had a personal vendetta against him. Wonder what Jim Lee has to say about this. I’m getting a little confused because the TV cartoon series is different from the comic book series, but the movie is even more different from the first two. Time to pore through my old comic collection.
[ Confirmation here, in an interview with Hugh Jackman:
I understand that at one point in X-Men history you and Lady Deathstrike were lovers.
Hugh: Kelly and I? Shut up! There was so much I learned on this movie. Also, Nightcrawler is the son of Mystique…” ]
Minor appearances: Colossus was there, but he had an American accent. In the comic book and cartoon he was Russian, if I recall properly. We also see the Beast (Dr Hank McCoy) briefly on TV, but in human form. More good things to come!
Grr. Rogue and Iceman are not supposed to be in love. Where’s Remy Lebeau, otherwise known as my favourite X-Man, Gambit? Hopefully he’ll turn up in X3. As long as they don’t call the new movie, Triple X.
[ Marvel Comics is releasing X2 the movie in graphic novel form. Cool! ]
[ Afterthought: was that Chinese girl in Xavier’s class, Jubilee? 😀 ]


  1. Van Heng

    Hi Van,
    You’re right. That Chinese girl was Jubilee. Good eyes, you. Also, Sabretooth was in the first X-men movie, I believe. I forgot what happened to him at the end of that film.

  2. bailz

    Didn’t Sabretooth fall off the statue in a fight with Logan?
    And I believe that sabretooth is another creation of Stryker, like wolverine and lady deathstryke. He has the adamantium claws but his don’t grow like deathstryke or wolverine.
    Wolverine was the first to be created, then deathstryke, then sabretooth. All were picked because their mutant powers include the ability to heal rapidly.
    And rumour has it that Gambit will be in the third installment becuase he was meant to have a cameo in this one, but they cut the scene from the final print to prevent a recasting issue for the third one.

  3. joan

    oh Van, you just gave away the story. i haven’t watched the movie yet and never read the comics. So i didn’t know that Jean Grey died before i read your blog.
    But it’s ok. haha.
    Thanks for your sms by the way! Glad that the card arrived in good time!

  4. vantan

    Joan – You haven’t watched X2 yet?? 😛 I better put up a warning sign somewhere … SPOILERS, ahoy!
    VH and Bailz – you’re right, I forgot about Sabretooth! He’s always lurking somewhere in the comic/cartoon series, trying to destroy Wolvie’s life and everything he holds dear.
    As for Gambit – woo hoo! Any idea who the actor is? He’d better be good looking. Wonder how Rogue and Iceman will break up.
    Also – is Rogue ever going to fly?

  5. bailz

    Rogue will never fly in the movies unless they bring in the storyline where she absorbs the powers from Miss Marvel – the superhuman strength and the flying.

  6. vantan

    Oh yes! I remember now. Didn’t Miss Marvel die in the process? And it was traumatic for Rogue, who was laden with a guilty conscience, right…

  7. Desiree

    yep, miss marvel died. think rougue was instigated by mtstique or something like that right??? and yes, i wonder how they are going to break up iceman and rogue. really liked this second instalment tho, thought it was much better than the first one. more character development. wish they still showed the cartoon too. hmmmmmm……… sigh.

  8. kenneth

    Hi Van,
    From what i know Jean Gray did not actually “die” but instead she became the “phoenix” (remember the last scene in the movie where Jean was doing a commentary over the lake where she supposedly died)…
    So no fear, she will return in X3, even more powerful than before 🙂

  9. vantan

    Yup I know. In the comics and cartoon series she becomes the Phoenix, and the last scene had rippling undercurrents. Quite a big hint, to those in the know.

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