Good shows!

At the Esplanade last night: Wynton Marsalis was goooood. He even made his trumpet bark like a dog and guffaw like an old man. We gave him a full house standing ovation, and he gave us two encores. I quite enjoyed listening to the other saxophonists and trumpeters, but for some reason I didn’t like the trombone solos – although they still sound good in a big band.
Outside the Esplanade, there were ventriloquists, a rock band, a balancing act, and tall, painted stilt walkers (dressed in Venetian fashion) following people around.
Back home, the telly was on and I decided to watch Man U play Southampton at Old Trafford. Well the home team could’ve done better, but it was entertaining watching a crazy fan jump the barricades, run up and hug one of the players – Ryan Giggs I think? [correction: Ruud van Nistelrooy]. The loser was eventually pinned down by an officer.
And that wasn’t all. When Diego Forlan scored the winner, he took off his shirt. Then he couldn’t put it back on because it was turned inside-out. He proceeded to run around the pitch topless until someone ran over to turn it back the right way. Wa ha ha. At least he had abs.