Even more shopping and eating*

Shopping in Perth’s CBD – along Hay Street. I went to two music stores on the same side of the road and picked up a few cool books, one of which was sheet music for Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, which I’ve always wanted to learn. I wanted the sheet music for the Pianist soundtrack, particularly for Chopin’s Nocturne, but alas it won’t be out till a couple of weeks’ time. If you see it selling at any music shops in Singapore, drop me a note!
We had lunch at Matsi Ri (again) to satisfy the inner cravings of my younger sister, who abhors boarding school food. Today I discovered that the restaurant’s chicken teriyaki sucked big time. As in, starchy sauce that didn’t taste like teriyaki, dry chicken meat, fat skin coming off the meat. Ugh. Their sashimi however is still very fresh and in generous portions. And it still is one of the most crowded Japanese restaurants in the city.
We then drove up to Guildford Road and beyond our puny little tourist map, along West Swan Drive, to buy grapes fresh from the farm. Only A$6 per kilo of succulent grapes! We bought a 10kg crate to bring home and share with the extended family.