Leaving Barca

I am in the very stylish Barcelona airport, waiting to catch my flight back to Singapore. It has been an exciting trip and frankly I didn´t miss the Internet. The need to get online was only motivated by worry – not being able to finish checking my emails in time. Beyond worry is fear about work I left behind, but with [Superman Shaun](http://testicular-fortitude.blogspot.com/) around, I should have nothing to fear.
The Spanish keyboard is catching me off-key, literally. To do a backslash I need to press SHIFT 7. I can also type characters like Ç, ¿ and ¡ very easily but I can´t seem to figure out how to type the @ sign. I had to copy and paste it from another web page. Also, JavaScript messages displayed in IE are all in Spanish.
Wireless access on my laptop is not free, but fortunately there are 2 Dell desktops here in the lounge which have free access. Got to go, see you all back in Singapore!


  1. dave

    I had the same problem too in France with the @ key. Can’t quite remember how I resolved it; diff keyboards also had the @ at diff places.

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