My baptism

My baptism this morning by Reverend Loren Fox
I would like to thank the following family members for coming:
Mum and Dad, for supporting me despite not being Christians themselves. Thank you for not questioning my faith or throwing me out of the house, which happened to another good friend of mine when she got baptised. I won’t take that for granted.
‘Mama, for bringing me to this church for nearly ten years and letting me make my own decisions. And for praying that I would come to know Christ (See – another prayer answered!).
Auntie Eve, Uncle Hooi Hwa, cousins Sheryl and Stacey, and Grand Auntie Lee Leng (whose birthday is also today). I am so happy to see our extended family come together for this occasion.
I would like to thank the following friends who made it to my church:
My best pal Vanessa Heng, for being there for me (real early too, at 9.20 am)and supporting me in everything I’ve chosen to do. For having the guts to drive halfway across Singapore, into unfamiliar territory, to sit in a Protestant church by herself >:-)
Queenie, for walking together with me, and for all the insights you’ve shared with me as you’ve grown in His light; Wanxi, for standing up against adversity, for listening to me for the last several years without judging me; Gwen, Denyse and Shin Dee, for being there for me, and for the gentle encouragement you’ve shown.
My old friend and colleague, Alison, for surviving the mission trip, bringing me along for Bible talks and showing me the ropes.
Church friends: Newlyweds Kenneth and June, soon-to-be-wedded Kristen and Mark, Christine, Ricky and Janice, Michael and Esther, Auntie Linda, Uncle SQ and Min Yen, and everybody else who was somewhere around whom I didn’t get the chance to speak to. Vicar Loren Fox for guiding me through baptism.


  1. Alvin

    Hmm, the pictures look dark.. can’t see your face 😛 It’s taken from digital camera?

  2. Kristen

    the church is pretty dark inside. not good light for taking photos (well not for an amateur like me!), as I found out at Ken and June’s wedding!
    congrats on your baptism. i was about ready to jump into the font by the end of the service. it was sooooo hot today!

  3. lynn

    Hey you,
    Congrats on your baptism, wished I was there with you to celebrate the start of life with god.
    Moi is still keeping a low profile as advised, but hopefully we can meet up soon.
    May you always feel the love of God,
    take care..
    God Bless, Lynn

  4. Salma

    I am not sure what a baptism is for or what it means to a Christian…but I realise this is a turning point for you..spritually(am I right?) so, congratulations. May He keep you in His Light and Path always.:)Amin.

  5. Kim

    Congratulations! Having known you – your wit and mischief, I’m glad there’s at least a serious side of you! Your experience is a moving one, your decision an admirable one.
    I’m happy for you! 🙂

  6. Van Heng

    Van, it was really a delight to be there yesterday morning. I’m glad I was there to witness this big moment in your life.

  7. Jae

    despite my twisted nature and my hedonistic streak, i am most happy for thee with thy baptism, m’lady. especially knowing how much it means to thee, ja?
    you lost weight again. start writing your diet book and retire already!

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