A Holy Site

The church website is well on its way. I received a tonne of content to add in over the past few days, and have been duly overwhelmed.
It took nearly a year to get everyone to agree on what to do. We got caught up in font types, background colours, programming jargon, server issues, budget discussions …. (you get the idea).
As a result, I spent most of the time designing, redesigning and re-redesigning the website – not just as mockups but real HTML pages, only to find out that the purpose had changed in the meantime and the simpler layouts couldn’t cope with the added content. It was a case of having too many cooks.
But now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! So: this new site won’t be very colourful. So it won’t have lots of eye-catching animated gifs which move across the screen. It won’t have midi music that plays immediately upon loading, and I dare say every page will now look consistent and have a nav bar. Working on it now makes me happy.
In fact, this is probably the only worthwhile thing I’ve done for the whole year.