God has a sense of humour. And matchmaking skills, to boot.
A few months ago, a new church mate joined my Bible Studies group. We hadn’t met her before, but a few of us had seen her singing in the choir. She was either referred, or felt drawn to, our group, perhaps because we were in the same age bracket. A sweet girl.
So anyway, the usual introductions were made all round. A couple of guys came in slightly late. One of them was another fairly new addition to the group, someone’s ex-colleague from another church. A decent bloke.
What felt mighty unusual was the point where the guy and girl shook hands. Maybe it was their personal mannerisms that seemed similar to me, but at the point where their names were exchanged and their hands met, I distinctly heard a triumphant cry in my head, “This is it!!!”
The voice was familiar. I think I heard it at a bus stop before.
I was baffled. I thought out, ‘Huh? You mean, they’re going to be together?’
Whatever the case, I felt very positive vibes. In time they learnt that their jobs involved similar knowledge, even though they were in different professions. They seemed to have loads to talk about.
But nothing else seemed to be developing. (Patience!!) I talked it over with another Bible Studies mate, who – amazingly – told me that she had also experienced the same message. We waited, and waited …
And the lovely couple have finally announced that they are together. What a glorious day!


  1. Qtip

    Aw…that is sweet. So, um, maybe if you do hear that affirmative voice if ever applicable for me — do tell me hor? 🙂 oh, God *definitely* has a great sense of humour.

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