Thoughts for this morning

I received over 110 SMSes over the past week. I think I’ll start a weekly SMS count.
I feel a little down because I put in a lot of time and effort to help my friend out, and now I’ve been cheated of my money. I wonder if I should compromise on my principles, make peace with everybody and settle for less, or stand my ground and fight for my rightful compensation.
Funny things have been happening in my house again. I get strange vibes in certain spots. Yesterday morning before going to church, something rapped my cupboard door. I was standing just 2 metres away, changing my clothes. I tried rapping the cupboards nearer to me and the table but the sounds were higher-pitched. I walked over, rapped the last cupboard door, and it produced exactly the same sound.
I want to sleep, but my mind is racing. My domain is still down. I wrote a snippy reply to Network Solution’s email to me, asking them to expedite the process. has been down for two weeks, and it sucks.