Last night in Austin

Lucian left for the airport this afternoon, so I hung around and started chatting with some other participants who were also not satisfied with the way our panel discussion was going. Then everybody packed the hall for sci-fi author Bruce Sterling who said lots of funny things about the world and America (think Michael Moore) and received the only standing ovation I’ve seen at SXSW.
Then I walked around town, taking photos of my last evening in Austin. I had dinner at the Rio Colorado (good, cheap Mexican food and burgers and really polite service), bought some souvenirs and took a cab back to the hotel.
Tomorrow I’m thinking of checking out at noon (the stipulated time), leaving my bags with the hotel, walking to the nearest Target (over 5km away)shopping centre for a look-see. Along the way I’ll have lunch and walk back to the hotel. Then I’ll catch a cab to the airport at 3pm, and fly at 6pm.
There doesn’t seem to be much left for me to do in Austin.