Following Kristen’s example, I have now incorporated a referral log. Check out the side nav to see what I mean.
[ Update: It seems that everybody is looking for my Talking Fish entry. ]
Macromedia is really taking their new site redesign seriously.
My domain remains down for yet another day. Network Solutions have just told me that it’s my old host Veoweb who need to release the domain. Veoweb denied holding on to it last week. In the meantime, my new host Addaction is unable to do a thing.
And I promised myself not to swear.


  1. vantan (still domainless)

    Nope! My other friend typed in the wrong URL too, and got the same site. It is really weird. I claim no affiliation to that site. Ugh.
    Aw shucks, it was nuthin’. I just played around with the PHP/table code and changed the stylesheet. All hail Textism!

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