Things I planned to do this year

Remember when I predicted I’d do several things this year? Let’s see how far I’ve gone:
1. Join a Bible studies group (yep)
2. Get baptised in March (well, April … if all goes well)
3. Finish the church website soon (done)
4. Lock myself up in the music room and record something new (done tonight – two drum and bass and chillout tracks coming up)
5. Throw out a lot of junk cluttering up my room (hmm not yet)
6. Exercise more. Gym is good and I can do better than two times a year! (i really should be doing more sit-ups)
7. Visit the dentist. Too much coffee and tea. (done)
8. Buy 4D for the first time in my life. (not yet)
I was checking out the recording company founded by Queenie’s friend Adrian, and I was ashamed that he’s a lawyer AND producer of cool music AND a website. If my production goes well I might contribute a couple of tracks.


  1. Van Heng

    Hey, listing it down is a great start. Lists are wonderful. First step to accomplishing tasks! I love lists… and I will make you a hazelnut steamer. Definitely on my list, babes.

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