A letter from Network Solutions

Dear Vanessa Tan,

Thank you for contacting Network Solutions.

Network Solutions, periodically deletes domain names that are up for deletion in bulk since bulk deletion better enables us to insure that only those domain names that are actually up for deletion are properly deleted (as compared to running a deletion process).

The dates on which these bulk deletions occur are arbitrarily selected by our engineering department based upon system loading and other technical factors. In order to protect against an overload of our systems, we do not disclose these deletion dates.

You may, therefore, either continue to check our site for the availability of the domain name and attempt to obtain it through the public registration process, contact http://www.snapnames.com
to attempt to back-order this domain, or, in the alternative, contact the listed registrant directly and discuss the possibility of executing a registrant name change agreement.

Best regards,

Network Solutions, Inc.

Argh!! This is like a neverending nightmare. Well at least I know how Network Solutions operates now.