The missing letter

Major freakdom – USC just told me they didn’t get my final letter of recommendation, which is a major shocker to me, because I sent off two packages a few days before the December deadline last year.
In fact, I distinctly remember posting my boss’s letter, as I was so tired from preparing my final documents, that I nearly sent everything to the Admissions Office – only to realise at the last minute, thankfully, that the letter was supposed to go to the Annenberg School of Communication instead.
Which was why I spent another thirty something bucks – to rush that slim white envelope over in time.
Thank goodness for UPS tracking, as it gave the name of the person who received the package. I really hope they find the letter soon, or else it’ll be another mad rush for me.


  1. Queenie

    ER..could u fax/pdf that last document to them with a cover letter documenting the developments (ie. as letter did not reach in time, enclose this for the interim etc etc)?

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