Occupational hazards

Today after a big workout at the gym, my instructor tried his utmost to stretch my unfit body in various ways. Bending forward with one leg crossed over the other. With his knee pressed into my back, arms pulled behind me. Lying down, with knee pointing to the side, leg pressed towards my head…
It helped that he looks like Japanese soccer star Nakata, because little else would take my pain away. And that was where he discovered that my right arm, while stronger than my left, was not as flexible (or, shall we say, ‘backward compatible’).
[ We interrupt this post to bring you photos of the real Hidestoshi Nakata. Mmm! Official site’s photographs here, another nice photo here ]
Being a part-time web designer himself, he reasoned that I sat too long at my desk and my right arm has sort of ‘retracted’, from holding the mouse and stylus all the time. My left arm, however, has been very much a free agent, used at times to bop errant colleagues on the head when they stray too near to my desk partition.
I was advised to stretch my arms whenever I can, preferably by leaning my arm against a door frame. Sigh. The hazards of a desk-bound job.
In other news: This is my three hundredth post. So while this blog’s not exactly old, it’s not that … young anymore. And in a month’s time, I myself will be a quarter centenarian. Urgh. Da pain, da agony.


  1. andrea

    I went for a sports massage (got a coupon for it from DBS) two weeks or so ago, and I was told I spent too much time mousing, too. Then the therapist caused lots of pain (which, by the way, doesn’t seem to have helped), and said I needed to go back weekly for at least a month.
    Not at their prices. At least she showed me some stretches I could do to work on my trapezoid muscles…

  2. Queenie

    eh..mousing..deskbound job’s definitely resulted in some weird contortions for me too (beneath shoulder blade ouch)..at least u guys are doing something about it..my only form of exercise is..doh…reaching out for food…cold weather makes me want to eat…yum….

  3. joan

    ooohhh….a Nakata look-alike for a gym instructor??? that would definitely send me to the gym every other day! ;p

  4. vantan

    Yeah baby. I have yet to tell him that he reminds me of the Parma player … he might get the wrong idea about me! Heh.
    Jiamin – it’s the SICC gym. Don’t think I can bring guests in, though 🙂

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