So long…

My General manager just called. I’ve been told to hand over my source files to our most important client.
Which probably means we’re losing the account, which accounts for a good portion of our paychecks.
After over a year working on their regional account, I never managed to revamp their website officially (due to factors beyond my control). That was a pity because I actually completed 90% of the new site, only to be told to put it on hold. It looks like my work will never see the light of day.
I just don’t know what to say.


  1. Alvin

    Hey, Cheer Up! There’ll be times when you are at the “peak” and times where you’ll be feeling down. Do look on the brighter side. Who knows… another big big project might be on its way 🙂

  2. Chris

    yes, and just think of the great experiene and learning you had doing it. It will definitely be useful in the future.

  3. vantan

    🙁 Thanks. I’ll try to cheer up. :-/
    Nothing I can do about it, while I’m there anyway.
    More bad news today. My company’s office space has just been bought over. I guess we’ll have to pack our bags and find another place to operate. So we have to start paying proper rent now – without a big client to fund us. :-6

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