Random news

Went to church. Drove grandma to hawker centre. Had lunch at Bistro Cameleon (sister’s most favourite restaurant of the season). Went to the new SICC driving range. Had a lousy dinner there. Now watching The Sixth Sense. Maybe the spooks in the house will get something out of this. Choi choi choi!
More news, around the world:
Bee Gees singer dies. Maurice Gibb, 53, passed away after an intestinal operation in Miami.
1205 Roman Catholic priests investigated in sex scandals involving over 4000 victims. A cardinal sin and a crying shame. 4 out of 5 victims are male.
Saddam’s son uses Yahoo! and Microsoft mail accounts. Now: if they monitor Uday’s email, would that justify the breach in US trade law?


  1. Jia

    Oooh where are all these restaurants that you mentioned? I’ve never heard of Bistro Chameleon or Mama Lucia. So suaku. ;P

  2. vantan

    It’s spelt Cameleon. It’s a Japanese restaurant at Robertson Walk (yes I go there very often). They use organic ingredients and each dish is unusual: Teriyaki chicken pizza, kimchi noodles, cold tomato soba, sashimi salad… I should bring you there one day. They give a free drink with each main course during lunch, so we can wash our food down with a cold Sapporo beer 🙂
    Mamma Lucia’s is brand new, near the front of the building. Their pasta is priced in the mid teens. I see a lot of Italians eating there now.

  3. Jia

    Oh so Cameleon is Japanese. Hmmm…methinks we’ll be visiting one of those places at the next dinner outing! *wink wink nudge nudge*

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