O’Reilly shopping list

I have six O’Reilly discount vouchers to be used by next month. Now I really like their publications and I fully intend to put the company’s generosity towards its registered readers, to good use. Silly me however forgot to collect my free goody bag a few days ago. *whacks head*
So if we wake up early enough, Vicki and I will be visiting the Computer Book Centre tomorrow to pick up some good reference materials. I’m getting one book (at least) for my sister.
Now, I’m tempted to buy the second edition of Web Design in a Nutshell by Jennifer Niederst, even though I already have the first edition (well, it’s lent to someone else at the moment). It’s invaluable for the serious web designer and covers more ‘advanced’ topics like CSS, XML and Javascript. In fact it was the first book I bought on web design.
Next, I love Colin Moock and his work. I might just get his latest book, Actionscript for Flash MX as well, since I am supposed to learn how to integrate everything with our new Coldfusion MX server. I don’t think the company’s going to fund me for proper lessons.
And since I’m moving my websites towards total CSS reliance, CSS: A Definitive Guide may come in handy – if the book can teach me twice as much as what I already know, it should be worth it. We’ll see. Else I’ll fall back on online tutorials.
Yawn. My head is spinning and I still have to work on the church website. Apologies to people I’ve been ignoring, I’ll get back to you when I can.


  1. Alvin

    Wow! Seems like your bookshelf gonna need more space 😛 Anyway, do you have any recommendations on book for PHP development?

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