To Google is Good

A Jan 2003 Wired article highlights the conflicts facing the world’s most popular search engine – even as it continues to post millions in profits. Everybody wants a piece of the Google pie, but not all are getting it.
For one, I find the notion of using search engine optimisers amusing. In the pre-Google days, lesser search engines were easily fooled by word repetitions. Now, people have come up with all sorts of devices to boost their listings and PageRank points. Then, when Google performs its monthly spring-cleaning, customers of these optimisation programs get angry, and Google gets sued. It’s ridiculous!
If you’re willing to fork out good money to move your site up several notches, then you might be better off channelling your efforts into providing more relevant content for your visitors instead.
As an aside, I stumbled upon Froogle. I think it’s cute. Let’s see how this new project of theirs takes off.
[ Hmm … Then again, it isn’t a good idea to name an e-commerce site after something that sounds like ‘Frugal’.]