Me and my kid sister

Me carrying my newborn baby sister. Oh, the days when we were cute.
Vicki and I are doing a photo montage for my mum, who requested for one as her Christmas present. So we’ve been scanning photos of us when we were kids. I can’t believe we were this cute before.
If you look closely, you might notice Vicki’s foot – and a baby toe curling outwards!


  1. vantan

    That’s what we’re going to do! For the final photo, I’m going to attempt to carry her in my arms … only thing is she’s now as tall and almost as heavy as me.

  2. vantan

    We took some photos of the re-enactment yesterday night with the help of our highly amused father. Vick’s rather heavy now… We were so busy trying to balance, look at the camera and smile all at the same time, that she didn’t bother to stick her toe out. Didn’t turn out too bad either! We just sent it off to a nearby printer’s. 🙂

  3. Jae

    arrrhh, uber cuteness attack… dark hedonistik… heart… thawing… help…
    dont sell yerself short lass, you’re still a cute saucy looker, by far!

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