Using Flock

I decided to try out Flock, possibly the most personal browser you could ever experience. I installed it, and authorised it to connect to my Flickr and blog accounts. Imported my Firefox bookmarks. Went to my MT admin and it logged me in immediately.
Now I’m dragging and dropping an image from the Flickr display to my text field.
Photo of myself after surviving a long queue to get into the L'Orangerie in Paris.
Ooh! It works! How convenient. Only thing is it didn’t add any ALT tags, so I created my own.
Flock uses tabs and feels very much like Mozilla Firefox. You can drag and drop more text and photos into a clipboard at the bottom of the window. You can also use the uploader, which looks bigger and friendlier than Flickr’s own uploader.
However I might just prefer sticking to Firefox out of habit. Also, Performancing is already embedded inside Firefox which makes it convenient for me to blog from there – and quickly append Technorati tags, to boot. And as a Mac user, I’d prefer to keep it simple and export my photos to Flick via iPhoto.
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