Aggregate this!

Avid surfers: Suffering from information overload? Wired’s top news story on news aggregators got me checking out a few alternatives to Feed Reader, which I currently use as a free, standalone program to read my favourite weblogs and other syndicated news. In the end, I settled for Newsmonster, which integrates with your web browser. This is what it looks like, when installed into Mozilla. Cool, eh?
Newsmonster meets Mozilla. Click to view larger image.
It works pretty well, save for a few kinks. For instance, the aggregator managed to provide me with paragraph-long excerpts of CNN news, but didn’t work as well with the Guardian website, where all it listed was the nav bar.


  1. Alvin

    Hmm, this sounds interesting đŸ˜›
    You use Mozilla as your primary browser? Have you tried the ‘most talked about’ Firebird (also part of Mozilla)?

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