Watch and see

Remember the traffic woes I had recently while trying to drive out of the house? The Traffic Police just sent me a reply to my complaint letter, saying:
1) there will be zig-zag (NO STOPPING NO PARKING) lines on our side of the road
2) a car park for Chinese Embassy visitors has been built at Camp Road
3) there will be police officers on duty to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
I’ll watch and see. If it doesn’t work out, it might still be worth seeing my mother running up a hill and clobbering another inconsiderate driver.


  1. Jae

    There’s nothing a little duct tape and a nine-inch coffin nail canna fix. place it slightly above the tyre’s vertical apex so that it’ll only puncture after some travelling distance.
    Too bad we cant get caltrops or pepper spray off the shelf here. Can you say “cattle prod”?

  2. Jae

    In der olde daes, ninjas would dress up as kobe kows and lay caldrops… CALTROPS… around real cows to prevent udder fetish people from having their milky vayz.
    Another Public Service Announcement *bEEp*

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