Square Eyes

There was some hullabaloo this morning after I returned from church. My dad had, for the first time in his life, purchased serious software online. To be precise, it was an antivirus and firewall package he was trying to upgrade to, and somehow the installation screwed up, rendering his computer useless, making him grumpy and swearing never to buy online again (I’m serious).
All we had to go by was an error message about some faulty driver. After an hour on the phone with the guy who configured my dad’s computer, I did a web search using keywords from the error message, and sure enough, found the instructions needed to backup and replace the driver.
In the meantime, I would like to report that I’ve completed my SECOND section of the yet-to-be-unveiled new website, after validating it in XHTML. I can’t believe how many man-hours I spend just producing a couple hundred lines of code. I really should get back to my application essay on communication theories. Like, now.