New cover

my new phone cover
I know this sounds pretty trivial, but after months of searching, I’ve finally found a new cover for my Nokia 6510 mobile phone. It’s light silver and has a slightly rougher texture than my original dark blue cover, which gives it a better grip. So hopefully I won’t drop it anymore.
I felt a little guilty the first time my new phone fell out of my pocket – and onto the main road, just as the lights were about to turn green. I dashed out and retrieved the phone, but alas the monitor and sides were scratched.
This evening I was walking along Holland Village with Min Yen, and found a roadside stall selling phone covers. This one was fairly expensive – S$38 – but it’s a Nokia original so it fits like a glove. I feel like I’ve got a new phone.
Now if only the darned thing would stop hanging!


  1. Queenie

    Erm, I’m about to get that phone..but only cos it backs up the stuff on outlook, like u said, and I’ve really lost my phone (and all numbers). Mini request: can u blog about more esoteric stuff? So far it’s usual singaporean rantings — fone, car, bad drivers, education. Listening to Norah Jones now. she’s only 22-23 years old. ARGHH. ARgH. ARGH. sigh.join me at fat frog’s one of these evenings (fri/sat). 10pm-2am, am not plugging the place, but i think u’ll like it.

  2. vantan

    To Queenie:
    Good, I was hoping you’d see this posting since you were asking me about the 6510. Yes, Norah Jones is good, if I were a jazz vocals fan I’d buy her album.
    But – and I would like to clear this up with you once and for all – what’s this long-standing preoccupation with not wanting to see/hear/be associated with the usual, common Singaporean stuff? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ My friends visit this website to see what I’m up to. I guess I could write about the dearth of Nature, the politics of corruption, or upload my entire working knowledge of web design culture if need be, but that would be so pretentious, it wouldn’t belong on a personal site. Unless I am also a pretentious person ๐Ÿ™
    I don’t need to be unnecessarily profound nor do I need to show off an extensive vocabulary – which would not impress the rest of my readers.
    Given the fact that most of my postings are either written hastily at work, or late at night when inspiration strikes me, I guess I could summon just about enough brain power to write about everyday events which affect us all… such as, how disappointed I am with the current US stand on Iraq (oh, did that already), how I think the church lags behind technology yet has great potential for improvement (did that too), or I could occasionally criticise poorly implemented web devices such as search engines (yes, did that too). Blah, blah, blah.
    But rest assured, should something vaguely ‘esoteric’ come to mind, which I find truly interesting and worth posting on this website, I will do it. Not because it’s profound, but because I find it highly meaningful >:)

  3. Puppi

    Thumbs up to vantan on being able to “keep it real” ๐Ÿ˜‰ on her site. Agreed that most Singaporeans are on the verge of being painfully crass and bougeoise when going on and on for the sake of about their mobile phones, cars, independant schools etc …
    BUT what’s worse are Singaporeans who blab on and on about how mundane and “mass” mentality (as opposed to “esoteric”) other Singaporeans are, whilst being equally, if not more dull, themselves.
    I wonder what could cause this phenomenon of such obnoxious “esoteric” little groups… Now THAT is what i call tragically pretentious…

  4. Queenie

    To Van: thanks for the 6510 posting. Your advice, is as always, appreciated. Got the phone today. As for the rest of your reply to my comment per ‘esoteric/pretentious/why do u not want to be associated with everyday singaporean thing’ — I propose we speak about this offline. Apologies if I’ve riled you in anyway — my comments were not meant to. Forgive me for forgetting my manners with my first post — good job with the site (as always).

  5. Jae

    der 6610’s on me list. if ye be liking it, will update thee on its effex on social life and other nooggins.
    for once, i’d be liking a fone that won’t make me feel like crushing its puny shell by accident.

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