In Sync with the Nokia 6600

After many hectic weeks at work, I finally had enough time to sit myself down and figure out how to sync my mobile phone to my Lotus Notes calendar and contacts. I decided to use my Bluetooth connection to do it, and everything works together beautifully.
I also took the opportunity to install the smartphone/PDA version of Opera via the Nokia connectivity suite. 14-day trial, US$29, pah… I wonder if Mozilla will come up with a cheaper alternative. However Opera is more advanced than the pre-installed browser on my Nokia 6600. I managed to view normal websites without a problem (if you don’t count the excruciatingly slow download time). Opera has a special feature which sizes down content to suit smaller screens. Here it is in action, on itself:
A shot of as viewed in Opera, on the Nokia 6600 handset
Opera also allows you to view the website as it really is, on the big screen – however that means having lots of horizontal and vertical scrolling to do. But it is fascinating nonetheless.


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