Technology and the Church

After a most excellent dinner with Ricky, Alex and Ricky’s son Marcus, I learnt more about databases than I ever thought existed. I also learnt two disturbing things:
1) My church still uses a predominantly paper-based filing system – which means migration to electronic records (for integration with the new website) is going to be one living … hell. I’m popping over to the church office next Saturday to see for myself how the administrators do their paperwork.
2) My church is being fleeced S$75 per month for 5 email adddresses and 5 measely megabytes of web space. What makes it worse is that this web host is supposed to be a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to build a community of Singapore churches on their server(s). It seems that the original intention no longer holds true.
Basically, we have our work cut out for us. God give me strength.


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