Due to increasing commitments at work and outside of work, I now get by with 4-5 hours of sleep per day. Every night I practice for the GRE, work on my church’s new website, research for my own further education, and maintain this website. By the time I’m done for the night, it is usually 2-3 am; I wake up at 7+ am and the whole cycle begins again.
I also have to pay for one year of my Master’s should I choose to do it overseas, and according to my calculations, I have to completely empty out all my bank accounts to cover just my tuition fees and accommodation. To add insult to injury, my company is charging our clients $100 per hour for MY services, and I receive less than that amount per day.
So if I look like I can’t be bothered with making small talk with random people, I am. Unless you’re an old friend of mine, don’t expect to see my face for the next couple of months, and don’t expect me to smile. *Growl*


  1. wendee

    dear van
    hm, good to know that youre living a busy and fulfilling life. its good to be busy, its when youre twiddling your thumbs in boredom that will drive you mad. its wendee.from ACJC. HI!
    my sister (shindee) passed me your email/website address.
    take care
    wendee (will understand if you have no time to reply. no Problems, take care then. )

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