Progress …

… is being able to file my Income Tax on a Mac.
Using Firefox.
And doing it in 1 minute.
I must qualify that this happened after several attempts to log in. First, using Firefox – when the system kept taking me back to the home page instead – then Safari, where nothing progressed, then Internet Explorer, where the home page layout got busted and I had to scroll horizontally to click on the Login button.
After entering my password, the page just hung for minutes and the Submit button had been de-activated, so I couldn’t do anything but quit the browser and try again with Firefox. That was when everything suddenly worked. It was erratic, but I’ve done my duty as a citizen and that’s what matters.
Looking at the page code, they’re using more styles now … but they can do so much more with stylesheets than simply colouring table row backgrounds.
But yeah. Overall, this is progress.
[Update: I went to another public web page on the site and realised they could cut down on a lot of code, still. Lookie here:
Repetition and redundancy
Full-sized screen shot]


  1. Denzie

    I didn’t! I kept getting stuck at the Singpass login screen. I managed to do it with Safari tho…

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