Unusual compliments

Lately, I’ve received a series of compliments that I would previously not expect. While unusual, these compliments are certainly not unwelcome 😉 and I hope to be deserving, and to receive more, of them.
This week over lunch, a colleague complimented me on my posture as I left our restaurant. It was partly because I was making a conscious effort to walk more gracefully and slowly. So I thought it was a one-off incident. But my colleague added that she and another colleague have sometimes admired my posture as I walked past their cubicles.
Yesterday evening, a senior English lady who recently joined my bible study group, said to me, “Are you a lawyer?” (note: that in itself is not necessarily a compliment!)
That drew a few looks of surprise among bible study mates who did know of my law background. How did this lady, who barely knows me, notice that?
I told her I did have a law degree, but did not practise law. “What gave you the impression that I was a lawyer?” I asked, hoping that it wasn’t because I was speaking in a legalistic or argumentative way.
She said it was the way I spoke, slowly and in an organised way, that showed a certain kind of training. I was amused as I usually speak quickly. But I’ve found that my ideas are accepted more often now, at work, among friends and at bible study.
Over the last few months, I have received compliments from the junior ranks up to senior management, on how I have ‘changed’, or specifically, ‘transformed’. It is partly due to our caring and friendly work environment that encourages such feedback to be given in the first place. But hanging around good-looking and well-dressed people at INSEAD also compelled me to update my wardrobe eventually – especially since my old clothes have become too loose anyway.
Most of my good friends would be surprised to read this, knowing my usual pace of speaking and how I usually walk. I’d say some things about me are changing, possibly due to some senior influence in my new job. And if it’s for the better, as it appears to be, then I welcome these changes and hope to improve further.